Names and nicks: Pippi aka Pii-chan aka Puppy aka Pretty Princess aka Snigepippi
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Green
Blood type: AB Rh pos
Date of birth: 4. May 1983 Place: Odense, Denmark Star sign: Taurus
Religion: Asatru
Favourite food: Mead, hearts (filled with graps or parsley), apples and cheese
Dislikes: People asking why she’s wearing a crown
Goal in life: Becoming a mad scientist

Main description:
She’s the artist of the comic. She may look extremely cute and harmless, but beware!
She has the truly twisted mind that can only stem from the combination of a mad scientist and comic-fangirl.
She enjoys capturing people and making them pose for hours on end. She has an affection for flying creatures and a keen interest in gene-technology.
Just wait and see: one of these days, there will be flying komodo-dragons in Europe!

Names and nicks: Marichigo aka Marich-chan aka You-crazy-bitch-I-wanna-kill-you
Hair colour: Blond
Eye colour: Somewhere behind the glasses they used to be blue
Blood type: O Rh neg
Date of birth: 11. March 1982 Place: Copenhagen, Denmark Star sign: Pisces
Religion: She’s a Witch (NOT a Wiccan)
Favourite food: strawberries, smokes, coffee… and twinkies…
Dislikes: Mimes, clowns, and other people.
Goal in life: Total world domination (and getting a tarot deck with Hello Kitty)

Main description:
She’s a hopeless YAOI-fangirl, which is rather disturbing since she claims to be a lesbian, really.
Her other interests includes slash fanfiction and shounen-ai. By now, she is unable to watch the Lord of the Rings movie without bursting into helpless fits of laughter whenever Legolas and Aragorn enters the screen.
Her unfortunate love for Hello Kitty rather ruins her “evil bitch queen from hell”-image, though…
Names and nicks: Loki aka Lie-smith, Wolffather, Balders Bane, Farther....and Mommy (but only Sleipnir calls him that)
Hair colour: yellow-reddish like burning flames…or black
Eye colour: Whatever he want them to be, mostly red, yellow or black
Blood type: errrrr… Do YOU want to try and persuade him to give us a blood sample?
Date of birth: Sometime shortly after the creation of the world Place: Jotunheim Star sign: errr… he made Sirius…does that count?
Religion: He’s a fucking GOD
Favourite food: Lollipops and any kind of alcoholic beverages
Dislikes: Being chained to three big stones underneath the earth, bound by the entrails of his son, while a poisonous snake is dripping venom into his eyes
Goal in life: Having fun, preferably naked and with other people

Main description:
Well… as mentioned before, he IS a god, you know.
A jaette-god! Even tough some nincompoops claim that he’s a chaos demon (he claims that he’s not, and who would you believe?!).
He is the proud father of up to five lovely children, and loving mother of one divine stallion. Sometimes they can be a bit of a pain to humankind, but as he says: “aren’t all teenagers like that sometimes?”.
He is the trickster of the Norse pantheon, and makes sure that the other gods are never bored. Maybe because they are screaming, or gouging his eyes out, but at least they’re not bored…
Names and nicks: Momma G aka Web-Mistress aka Granny W
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green
Blood type: A Rh pos
Date of birth: 9 Juli 1975 Place: Sřnderborg, Denmark Star sign: Cancer
Religion: Protestant
Favourite food: Lasagne and café latté
Dislikes: Arrogance and most of the time, men (though some are accepted as honorary women)
Goal in life: To take life one day at a time, one man at a time

Main description:
She’s a rampant feminist but, more importantly, she has the fiercely protective instincts of at female wolf whenever anyone threatens her loved ones. Though Loki claims to be afraid of no man, he is often found hiding in the nearest cupboard whenever he hears she’s coming for a visit. He refuses to tell why, but only mutters about “sexual harassment”… She is also the Mother of Little D.

Names and nicks: Little D aka You-ugly-bastard-twit (Marichigos idea of an endearment…)
Hair colour: Blue
Eye colour: Blond
Blood type: A Rh pos
Date of birth: 9 October 2003 Place: Odense, Denmark Star sign: Libra
Religion: Remains yet to be determined
Favourite food: ice cream and oatmeal
Dislikes: Not having his way (= ice cream and oatmeal)
Goal in life: Ice cream (and oatmeal…). And toy-cars.

Main description:
He’s the son of Momma G. Since birth he’s been undergoing intensive training, to secure that he will grow up to be a proper bishounen. Methods includes Marichigo teaching him to hum “YMCA” and “I will survive” before he could even talk, Marichigo teaching him to dance the “YMCA”-dance, and purple pants with embroidered floral patterns. Oh, and Momma G’s teaching him to say “bishie”… His aunts, Pippi and Marichigo, will be quite displeased if he doesn’t turn out gay.
Names and nicks: Sophy aka Piglet aka Roomie aka That mad jiujutsu girl
Hair colour: Chestnut
Eye colour: Obviously blue
Blood type: A Rh pos
Date of birth: 10 March 1985 Place: Svendborg, Denmark Star sign: Pisces
Religion: Atheist and Darwinist
Favourite food: Pasta Bolognese, cookies and milk
Dislikes: When her roommate forgets to do their homework cause she’s drawing comics
Goal in life: Winning the Nobel price

Main description:
Sophy has the “joy” of sharing a flat with Pippi. This is also the reason why she’s now inhabiting the comic- more or less willingly. She’s a strongly believing atheist, and doesn’t understand the finer art of YAOI; the ideas behind a comic involving Loki and bishounen totally eludes her. Despite that, she seems happy to be here, at least so long as Loki doesn’t try to hit on her.

Names and nicks: Nickolay aka my-roomies-boyfriend
Hair colour: Chestnut
Eye colour: Obviously blue
Blood type: A Rh pos
Date of birth: 8. July 1982 Place: Odense, Denmark Star sign: Cancer
Religion: Atheist
Favourite food: Everything with chilli
Dislikes: People behaving like they are better than others
Goal in life: None Or Being happy and making other people happy

Main description:
Well… He’s the boyfriend of Sophy, and that makes him the only hetero male in the comic. As such, he is off limits to all bishounen, fangirls and -boys, even Loki… Dammit! Actually, he’s rather unique; He’s a generally nice person, and none of his plans for the future includes dictatorship, messing with other peoples genes, or giving birth to the harbingers of Ragnarok. Poor Sophy…

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